Creative Business Design Workshop


This 1-day program is an intensive and experiential opportunity to assess how your creative practice and relationships are contributing to long-term sustainability. Whether you are starting a new business or have been operating for decades, the rapid changes in the creative sector and in society broadly are asking for adaptations in how work is organized and how opportunities are identified and pursued.

New species of organizations are popping up all over that challenge how creative work is understood and how groups of people coordinate to accomplish tasks. This 1-day workshop will expose you to recent innovations and allow you to assess how your practice might benefit from lessons learned.

You will practice and apply a systemic commitment to both creating conditions for new approaches to succeed and some critical reflection on current routines and approaches to understanding the world. This isn’t about replacing what you have, but about creating some spaces for different approaches to take root.

Topics will include organizational boundaries, crowdsourcing, diversifying funding streams, digital opportunities, changes in audience tastes, and more.

What you will gain:

  • Up-to-date approaches and case studies that suggest opportunities for you to evolve
  • Experience testing viability before spending time, money, or energy on developing ideas
  • Connections to innovators across the creative sector looking to adapt to related challenges
  • Tools to rethink how you run the business side of your creative practice and validated new approaches
  • Access to experts who illuminate emerging issues across creative disciplines

Who should register?

Creative Business Design Workshops are for artists, designers, and creators that have direct or indirect control over how creative work is organized and the relationships needed to get things done. Different offers are appropriate for different stages of organizational evolution. Contact us to find the right offer for you.